The Asinine Poetry App


With this interactive version of the insanely popular online journal ASININE POETRY, you no longer have to be passive reader of poetry and prose.

  • Get each new monthly issue, including poems and prose.
  • Listen to every episode of the sometimes-intentionally silly ASININE POETRY podcast.
  • Record any of the works featured and submit them to be included in a future podcast.
  • Write your own asinine works and submit them, along with your recordings of them, to the journal and podcast.
  • Like (Wine) or Dislike (Cheese) poems and prose.
  • Read all the tongue-in-cheek biographies of all of the hack writers.
  • Get the easy access to the ASININE POETRY store that you’ve always wanted.


Launched in 1999, the ASININE POETRY online journal features humorous poetry and prose. The journal has published the likes of Daniel Thomas Moran, Allen Planz, Hal Sirowitz, Katharine Showalter, and Elizabeth Swados. The journal also features famous asinine poets by well-known poets such as Edward Lear, Ogden Nash, and James Whitcomb Riley.

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